"We find that these apps tell Google when message/phone calls are made/received. The data sent by Google Messages includes a hash of the message text, allowing linking of sender and receiver in a message exchange, and by Google Dialer the call time and duration, again allowing linking of the two handsets engaged in a phone call. Phone numbers are also sent to Google. In addition, the timing and duration of user interactions with the apps are sent to Google. There is no opt out from this data collection. The data is sent via two channels, the Google Play Services (i) Clearcut logger and (ii) Google/Firebase Analytics. This study is therefore one of the first to cast light on the actual telemetry data sent by Google Play Services, which to date has largely been opaque"


#SurveillanceCapital #Google

Made up my mind not to buy books until I have read all already bought ones. Ha ha.

Interesting to compare then and now - seems like nothing has changed, issues are the same, solutions are the same. And they were optimists back then.

(comment on "Project survival.")

got to this due to the last task: postgresqltutorial.com/postgre and voila:

relation | total_size
state_groups_state | 65 GB
event_json | 1197 MB
event_edges | 619 MB
events | 595 MB
event_auth | 528 MB

trying to vacuumdb postgresql database for synapse to reclaim space. i must be doing it wrong - all the time space usage is increasing instead of shrinking :)

@kensanata Please add me to Coffee, Cooking, Cyberpunk, Information Technology, Linux, Sysadmins, Systems Thinking.

i can see it now millions of russians singing papa roaches song last resort but in russian as they flock the theater to watch hand cam terrible audio recorded movies https://torrentfreak.com/russian-cinemas-are-showing-pirated-movies-downloaded-from-torrents-220502/

press R for ROOSHA

looks like i have fixed caddy config for lemmy and federation has started to work! more about the config: avys.group.lt/~/SysadminAdvent

Hah, the European Union just launched a Masto instance and a Peertube instance XD


Booting a raspberry pi with a small black-and-white CRT
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