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Douglas Rushkoff sounds very young, for the young age of 60 :))

setting up home network with firewalls, bells and whistles is much more difficult than to setup networking in the datacenter :)) i have lost the battle for today...

"The Gitea project is currently reaching out to professionals who would be able to perform an accessibility audit (and be paid of course).

This issue is currently a placeholder for when we receive the report so we can coordinate remediation of issues identified.

If you are, or know, someone who can perform a professional accessibility audit of Gitea please reach out to the project team at [email protected] (or any of the project owners per their email in"

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Spend a day with old friends and whiskey fetish

Julian: That whole away mission should have been an email.

> You are quite right that an 8-year-old personal computer, having more power than, say, an IBM System/360 Model 195, is powerful enough to do just about anything one might normally want a computer to do.
> Under some circumstances, though, there might be one exception: to surf the Web.
- John Savard


Fought a couple of days with Sophos and Mikrotik for home and lost. Need to regroup.

Going to the heart check up for old people :)

Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊

just because I'm a simple, printable ASCII character doesn't mean I'm boring

"The Ragnarok Protocol" Neofeud 2 in-progress.
Neofeud is a #cyberpunk #adventuregame about a cyborg social worker for sentient machines fighting CEO / Kings, made by a one-person dev (me!)
#cyberpunk #indiedev #indiegame #pointandclick #visualnovel

Monday work day is almost over and then I can switch the laptop to the personal one.

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