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About Paul Shuen, one of Canada's most respected obstetricians and gynecologists for 30 years. His license to practise in Ontario was revoked after it was discovered that, since deliveries paid more on weekends, he was drugging his patients without thei...

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The Polish PM has just revealed that Poland has sent Ukraine 1.6 billion euros worth of weapons. 🇵🇱🇺🇦

#Netflix is exploring lower-priced, ad-supported plans after years of resisting

The moment Netflix adds ads, it is going to die. They are greedy now and need fresh money constantly for their shareholders.

What fedi software are you using right now?

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I’ll jot down some quick thoughts on Lemmy, a centralized, federated, Reddit-like service for the Fediverse.

Every community is tightly tied to one server, similar to something like a server or a Discourse server or a mailing list or other traditional forum softwares and bulletin boards.

Just like Guppe, you can follow communities and it boosts posts from those communities into your timeline, and you can post to the community too. Unlike Guppe, there is moderation and group ownership, and there’s an optional Reddit-like web frontend.

It’s basically a mailing list but Fedi instead of email.

There’s also a weird design flaw that they need to figure out a solution to: a community stops working remotely if there is a user with the same name as the community. On Lemmy itself, they’re in separate namespaces, (/c/ and /u/, respectively) but over ActivityPub they collide.

hello world! I'm new to mastodon, just figuring out how everything works. lately I've been doing knitting, generative art, & collage poetry and mostly hoping to find a space to share creative stuff I'm doing & connect with other cool people.

If you know someone's Fediverse address, you can follow them by searching for that address in Mastodon's search box and then clicking on "follow" on the result.

Fediverse addresses look like this:

@ (username) @ (instance name)

You can find Fediverse addresses on every Mastodon profile page, just under the username.

Alternatively, you can search for a profile's URL, or even a post's URL. These will force your instance to display that URL's profile page or post so you can interact with them.

Also, all of these work with Fediverse addresses and URLs from non-Mastodon platforms too! :fediverse:

For example, you can interact with a PeerTube video within Mastodon by searching for that video's URL. The video will appear as a Mastodon post, but it is still the same video and replying to that post within Mastodon will create a comment on the video's PeerTube page.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

A tweet from Arnold @Schwarzenegger
> I love the Russian people. That is why I have to tell you the truth. Please watch and share.
#russia #ukraine

Uzbekistan reiterated recognition of territorial integrity of #Ukraine and declared it does not recognize LNR/DNR

> Абдулазиз Камилов подчеркнул, что Узбекистан признает независимость, суверенитет и территориальную целостность Украины. «Мы не признали Луганскую и Донецкую народные республики», – заключил глава МИД Узбекистана.

Что есть у нас в районе: несколько детских садов, школа, онкобольница, детская больница.

Чего нет у нас в районе: никаких военных объектов или военной техники.

"Высокоточные" российские мрази обстреливают больницы и детские сады специально.

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Glenn Grenwald ranting about the #Ukraine doing interviews with #Russia prisoners being violation of wartime conventions.

We’re officially into the “yes-this-violates-the-Geneva-Conventions-but” phase of the war. That’s never a good sign.

Has Russia declared a war to Ukraine yet? 🤔 Actually, has Russia allowed its media to even call the conflict a “war”? Here’s the problem I’ve talked already: on one side Russia prefers to ignore laws and rules, while at the same time benefiting from the same laws and rules it chooses to ignore.

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