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CP/M is now actually open source! Finally you can put a good OS on your computer.

Enjoying Thelonious Monk while playing around with brushes and experimenting on something...

Skeb, a popular commission platform among Japanese manga/anime/doujin artists, has announced its intent to develop its own "SkebCoin" cryptocurrency for use as an internet tipping/payment mechanism.

According to their own Medium post:

"It goes without saying that "freedom of expression" is an extremely important value for creators in their creative activities.

In February 2021, a major credit card company notified several publishers that they would no longer be able to accept credit card payments for products with specific expressions such as "XX murder case" in the title of the product. The issue was raised by a member of the House of Councillors.

Under these circumstances, Skeb Coin is a utility token that focuses on the blockchain as a new means of payment."

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I see this as an extremely positive development. While I agree that corporate-run ventures tend to be over-regulated and over-centralized, it's also true that the majority of Japanese users do not understand, use, or otherwise engage in cryptocurrencies as a means of bypassing an increasingly moralistic and puritan financial system dominated by non-Japanese companies.

A major platform used by a wide number of Japanese artists introduces a lot of people to the idea of using this technology to secure free expression and the creation of a free market, normalizing its use and encouraging the more adventurous to expand beyond just SkebCoin into the wider ecosystem.

Russian court orders the arrest of sci-fi writer Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro series) for criticism of Moscow's military campaign in Ukraine

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